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Amping or Ramping Up
That Ol' Hicktown Fruitloop
Shiftwork at Switching Hour
Fake or Flake
Where Do I Go for Information or Help?
Cult Connections
The Mind as a Garden
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What You See Is What You Get

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Kelly, the person described in these pages, was naturally inclined to dissociate to some extent, but people around her knew how to use it to their advantage, and apparently implanted some personality alters as a control mechanism and to report back to the local cult. But the cult needed something from Kelly and some of her alters. The wonder is that they treated her so badly, but that could have been a part of their sadistic game plan.

Readers may find events described between Kelly and her therapist here named Trixie, just too bizarre. What sort of therapist would deliberately destroy someone intelligent and once lively, who in her darkest hour still thought of others? Sadly it had something to do with procuring vulnerable women for men willing to pay. This is what drove a substantial part of the unpleasant cottage enterprise. Kelly was disappearing from her home on about 4 nights a week now instead of 2. Every night she contacted me saying 'I don't want to get taken tonight' or else 'Me no want to get hurt agin aunti' from young Daisy who hated snakes - her word for men, penises and sex. Hearing how it affected them physically was awful. They had to bear the psychological pain too.

gingerbread girl

A new informant in the small DID system who explained what Kelly could not, said it was now also happening from outside their home. In our early Internet discussions, Kelly said they got her from the grocery store or shopping mall, so this was not news though I felt something was different. Now Kelly just felt uneasy in those places without knowing why. Things were like a sandwich as Kelly went to therapy and was conditioned to open her door at night, or triggered to get into a truck that pulled up outside the office or her home. An alternative was Kelly getting taken from home overnight and going straight to Trixie before office hours next day.

I learned how a woman who looked familiar 'but the hair was different' came to the home, sometimes with a man who came for 'services' and sometimes leaving for a cult meeting. When a vehicle pulled up outside with lights and horn blaring, Kelly or Daisy did not want to go. If the inhabitant could not trigger a cult-alter, the vehicle circled and returned. A worrying twist was a different vehicle, and Daisy succumbed because she thought she was being rescued. It was hard to distinguish when it meant attending a full cult meeting away from habitation, or in someone's house or disused factory, or a single assignment. Kelly recalled only fragments, soon forgetting while still bearing bruises. She sent a rushed email that she had hurt herself jumping out of a vehicle, and phoned for a cab which she paid when she got home: 'They don't give you time to grab your bag when they take you.'

Such Games
Such Deception
Such Evil
Such Organisation

spider web

The Informant said the cult could not understand why they did not have much luck when I was online. Kelly paid the price either during therapy, or when loud music jarred her not to recall what she'd put together. When I asked for reasons behind the harassment, whether it was punishment related to wanting to terminate therapy, or to drive her nuts or make her forget, Informant replied 'I think it is to get her under Trixie's complete control.' What did they want, 14 nights a week and jumping through hoops? They would burn out their valuable assets of women whom they could frighten, coerce, or keep conditioning to perform, hoops or no.

Informant said something that I misinterpreted, though it may be relevant. When she said it now happened from outside, the phrasing sounded as if an outside commercial enterprise had come along with greater influence and demands. 'Does this mean Trixie and Marta have to do things to someone else's order?' I asked. 'I don't know' came the reply. I wondered if Marta and Trixie might have separate enterprises, with Kelly and Daisy caught in the middle. There seemed no love lost between Marta and Trixie but that might be a front. Perhaps some of the local menfolk tired of Marta's manners or lack of them, and homed in on Trixie as being a Softer Younger option to deal with.

I had been led to believe that procuring was a private sideline of Marta's, in addition to large cult meetings which were high drama. There were smaller events that were another private matter of hers. It now seemed that Trixie, as well as being a cult conditioner, could be involved in the procurement aspect. You would not recognise these women from other smartly dressed businesswomen with a line in psychological patter. They do not stand out as different or evil, having chosen their camouflage well. They work with families although there is no suggestion they are involved in sexual abuse of children. It is rather that children or adults exposed to the double-talk, will find it hard to fathom what is real underneath. They cannot tell what is appropriate, and it becomes ever harder to get free as the sticky thread is spun.

We are not naming these two women or their places of work. Let's hope you never meet them or anyone like them. If you do, you may recognise some of the features in the throw-away comments by Kelly, or the styles that could indicate to look deeper. We do not want to start a witchhunt, and did not want to spell out the nature of this particular enterprise, but otherwise you are left guessing or asking, Did we really mean that!

Link to update on Cult or Klan? and Informant - Misinformant or Disinfectant

Just be warned, and

waddle dee

If in doubt, don't get involved

Mind what you say on the Web


Amping or Ramping Up

If people wish to take part in activities that horrify others, I probably wouldn't queue up to stop them. What I objected to was the lack of choice, and that 2 so-called therapists within a so-called safe haven environment, were apparently luring traumatised and vulnerable people including children. The longterm effect would be to destroy their lives via confusion and control. For what - money, power, kicks? A belief that it is right, or the only way to survive? Or plain old one-upmanship and gang culture, the stronger versus the weak, making and keeping others weak? What the hell? The devil is in the detail.

It was starting to look as though hi-tech wizardry was being used to get Kelly to toe the line, or more likely curl up her toes. What I have never been able to grasp is why anyone could, or would, make things worse or more confusing for others. There were no questions in my mind over whether they should or should not do it, and whether they should get away with it.

The questions now paramount related to whether the current situation for Kelly was conditioning, control, organised forgetting, or a fight to the death. If you destroy someone sufficiently, they are not much use to you or your enterprise. They also cannot talk. They can however be used as an example to others. Kelly spoke out for years in one way or another against the cult and Marta Smith. No-one listened.

Several years earlier I came across Laura (not her name) who claimed to be the victim of gangstalking. I leave it to the reader to gauge any relevance to cults and control. She spun quite a yarn and people generally gave her short shrift without checking. Laura forwarded me her correspondence and research. Her particular gem was that she had been in a counsellor's office feeling dazed and puzzled at both the length of time that passed, and the state of dishevelment and exhaustion of the counsellor. This was no deep primal session where violent emotions erupt and people flail about. It should have been a calm, semi-intellectual encounter suited to someone like Laura, who was normally clear-headed and analytical. Following the session, things went dramatically downhill. Laura felt harassed via stalking, noises inside her home, confusion in her thinking, and vehicles parked outside. Sound familiar? Not identical, but worth considering the underlying dynamics. People who want control have to use broadly similar strategies, whatever the specific aims.

It tied in with work on covert hypnosis, stage hypnotism and magic, mis-direction, dis-information. I have doubts about subversive hypnosis where people do not elect to be hypnotised. An old chestnut says there is no such thing as hypnosis, and 'anyway you can't make people do things'. The issue is, to what extent one is truly informed and agrees to the consequences, ALL of the known ones and more besides. I do not think Laura agreed to be put into a trance state. Even if she did, I wonder whether she received under-the-radar suggestions, or even some form of implant. Targeted individuals (TI's for short) and electronic harassment are written about widely on the Internet. It can all sound paranoid, but is it all? You can take what is useful and not get sucked into what isn't.

Laura had gone out searching and confronted people head on, meeting some bizarre reactions. She felt some organisations claiming to offer advice, were behaving as though they knew something significant but would not say. What they did say came over as strange behaviour towards people seeking information and help. 'How did they know what would happen next?' Laura asked. I don't know. I was not delighted when she claimed an organisation that I respect was similarly dubious, and I did not agree with all her conclusions or emphasis. Her experiences of harassment are shocking, she stuck her neck out to learn, and I respect her endeavours.

Links on Gangstalking, Gaslighting, Harassment, Stalking

Check out the following written from a psychoanalytical approach:
'On the Need for New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis in the Light of Mind Invasive Technology' by Carole Smith www.btinternet.com/~psycho_social/Vol3/JPSS-CS2.html

'Hacking the Mind - Intrusive Brain Reading Surveillance Technology'


Kelly was also subjected to episodes of frequent phone hang-ups and silent calls, which generally predisposed her to feeling fearful, and were often a precursor to something else happening, a common factor in general harassment, see TANSAL below:

TANSAL Abuse & Rights
STALKING, Harassment, Bullying, Coercive Relationships
With 5 pages on Human Rights including Miscarriages of Justice

therapy police

I wondered whether Kelly now had the problem of an implant bolstering the cult instructions or hassle. Her situation had aspects of gangstalking rather than bystanders acting as triggers, or relaying information that led to her abductions. I asked the Informant about the loud music that disturbed Kelly via the computer or a hidden speaker. Informant replied that there were different sorts, warm psychic music that Daisy liked, real music outside the house, and the mind-shattering type inside Kelly's head. Whatever its origin or mode, the last version acted like an electrical jolt similar to ECT, so that Kelly could not remember inconsistencies in her therapy, much about cultic events, or the men who abused her there and elsewhere.

Why did I not explain more to Kelly of what I learned? Readers are outside the situation. Kelly was in it, whatever it really was. I was hearing about some aspects long-distance, and trying to piece them together. Kelly knew she was in an impossible situation. It was she who suddenly asked me, as she had before, 'Are you saying that Trixie is at the bottom of all this, and causing me all these problems?' I said I did think so. This time Kelly just pressed Reply 20 times. When Nolly the 'interpretor/protector' came through concerned, I asked if there were younger alters available who would not hear the music or be triggered.

Only the robot came trying to prove a point. 'Fee fi fo fum' he wrote. 'You lost Daisy and now you will lose Kelly too. Hahaha.' There's many a true word spoken in jest, and Kelly disappeared for several nights. The nasty people posing as nice, were minimising the risk of her making any sense. When Kelly surfaced she asked formal little questions while ignoring mine. She answered my replies to another alter who chipped in, and it seemed a split had deliberately been made. My guess was that during recent abuse, a hypnotic tape was playing in the background to obliterate or shatter Kelly. We struggled to talk about her writing and plans to continue her studies. 'Whatever you think best, whatever is easiest for you' came Stepford-style, not even like bedraggled Kelly who'd say 'Please don't let's fight today Lucy' after more abusive experiences.

Another psychological experiment in social control?

rat in a maze

People involved in hearing about lives like Kelly's wonder whether they have wandered into an elaborate charade put on by someone off-the-wall, histrionic and manipulative. It is easy for a folie-a-deux to form, however hard one tries to keep things straight. An alternative explanation, that a group of people are conspiring against them, sounds crazy. If it does happen and is not crazy, it must be well-planned and evil. You think your thoughts, I'll think mine. What would you do if someone wiped out your thoughts and memories, and put other stuff in there, even a new personality? What could you think, or tell people that they might listen to or believe? See the Video further down the page.


That Ol' Hicktown Fruitloop

I believe this does not only happen in what I name Conspiracy City or plain ol' Hicktown

Hicktown is probably an unusual or extreme example

Cult activities or cover-ups did not apply to everyone in the police, at the hospital, or therapists

It is unlikely to happen to just one vulnerable woman, living alone part of the week

What about the children who attend these so-called safe places for help?

People who encounter bullying, a bad group experience, a con-man or cult involvement, child abuse or torment, domestic violence or a subversive therapist, often have similarities in how it affects them. It takes a long time to start getting back together, after realising its nature. The remedy sought needs to be beneficial, and never allowed to get worse than the original experience.

What happened to Kelly through her involvement with her two therapists who were well-known to each other, seemed specific to the prevailing cultic situation, and there were other aspects, not all included here or known to me.

I do not know if Kelly's close friend Phil was actively involved in the cult, or in anything subversive involving Trixie, or the therapy/conditioning meted out to Kelly, for a fee paid for by Phil. Mostly it seemed more likely that Phil was being fruitlooped into playing a part which kept some aspects rolling in a particular way. Had it not been for Phil, my guess is that things would somehow have been kept rolling. Another day, another dollar, another means. See A Singular Mean-ing.

We are not naming this Hicktown. If people send in their guesses on any of the material in 'the Book' we won't be confirming or denying anything. Don't be fooled that this must be happening in some tiny backwater with no outer signs of civilisation. It is the inner signs that are of concern, whatever the appearance of the place, or who is carrying out these things. You would not guess unless something clues you in.


The general principles behind getting fruitlooped - anywhere - are the same

See Book Two Fruitloop Therapy


Shiftwork at Switching Hour

'Hahaha loser' came an early-morning email as I tried to prevent Kelly getting taken by the cult after dark at their end. No prizes for guessing who this was, but he was useful in warning me of things about to happen, or things that already had.


He was bang on cue at the witching hour, not of midnight but of switching, when alters often switched to leave the house, and get into a cult vehicle which I call Transport. It was like a company bus catering for the staff on 2 adjacent shifts. Emails often arrived at that same time, indicating Kelly was gone and someone else was in place.

One afternoon when an appointment with Trixie was due, I chatted online with Kelly and an alter I call Lorelei. Kelly, echoed by Daisy, said she did not want the appointment and felt uneasy. I was expecting further contact from their end within about 5 hours, a long session ending when it got dark which Kelly hated. I did wonder whether she would break out of the appointment again before the end of the session.

I suggested to Lorelei that she tell Trixie she did not want to be late leaving, as she'd arranged to be online with me afterwards. 'Holy cow' she said, before asking what to wear. I was hoping Lorelei's different approach to life might help overall. She showed herself willing to carry out tasks that no-one else would, and did not get anxious in the same ways.

Early next day Daisy was writing 'Hi aunti, me back now'. It seemed they had arrived, not with the milk but with the Transport that collected them on other nghts. It was 10 hours since they left for the appointment with Trixie just down the road. Some sandwiching act that was. It was not clear whether the harassment vehicle was part of the collection process, or was a clean-up crew sent to make people forget, and mess with any electrical gadgets as a sideline.


Lorelei said there had been a short but helpful therapy session this time. Nolly, who kept some of Kelly's system functioning - often by concealing information in both directions, wrote 'She is lying to you' yet refused to explain. Something did not feel right and wires crossed as Nolly again wanted my assurances to spend more time endlessly shoring up Kelly, to my mind adding grist to the cult-mill fruitloop. 'It's not like it would be a life sentence' she whined. This is exactly how it is for people like Kelly unless they are fortunate enough to get away. My aim is to demonstrate how the procedure may start, not always with the young and vulnerable, though it's obviously much easier that way.

Kelly and others in her system were being used and abused in ways that most of us don't experience in our nightmares. I told Nolly some of what I'd become aware of, adding 'It's this kind of guarantee that Kelly sought in life, and got her into this mess with the cult.' Deep down I had a feeling that at some level, Kelly did know and did bear some responsibility, though these days she had flickers of insight that blinked out just as quickly.

The Informant reappeared and, although her information was interesting, the mental gymnastics were riveting. She explained that Daisy had played for two 3-hour sessions while refusing to talk or listen to Trixie. It is likely Daisy and others believed that is what happened. This did not explain why Kelly was away at night for 8 to 10 hours while terrified of the dark. At switching hour Informant mentioned smoke and fear, like Daisy described when Transport arrived with lights and horn blaring. Informant said the smoke was to get them to leave but that no-one would be going. Time passed as we talked about Trixie saying, if there was still cult involvement it could cease if Kelly just said so. There were distinctly different realities going on here. Who was pulling the wool over whose eyes? As fast as Kelly or I could ravel up a thread, somehow it just unravelled. If Kelly told the cult to stop, my guess was she'd have to agree to something, perhaps as Trixie and Marta did in their way, however it may have all begun.


Interaction grew erratic as Informant now insisted there was no longer cult activity. If Daisy told me the following weekend that someone was knocking the door, it would only be the tornado rattling doors and windows. This is just the sort of thing Nolly said to send me off track. She'd flown into a fury when I said it was OK to ask me for help, but something also needed doing at their end. So strongly did she deny that Trixie could be following cult instructions that I thought it was the robot who replied. (During this period I received information which indicated there could be deeper levels to this scenario. Perhaps delving was unlikely to do Kelly any good.)

Informant started bombarding me with questions on the supernatural, and it was hard to tell if she wanted me to agree or disagree. Now I backed away gently, feeling she was too fragile. When I have challenged inconsistencies in the past, alters have exploded or hidden, instead of providing much needed survival strategies.

She was also wanting my assurances to spend more time endlessly shoring up Kelly

Beam me up Scotty

- adding grist to the cult-mill fruitloop

I considered whether Kelly and her inner entourage were psychopathic, using every attention-seeking ploy available. My view is that someone else was going to elaborate lengths to convince Kelly and myself that nothing untoward was happening in their neck of the Woods. If I find out that I've been conned, you have my word that I will admit it, and be glad to be getting on with smelling the roses.

We called it a night on the theme that Kelly thought she created experiences others could enter, while it was all just a dream. Kelly and I had discussed her fears that she was psychotic, and I introduced the idea that anyone could have episodes of weird or dreamlike thinking or vulnerability. It did not mean they were crazy or sick, for ever. Meanwhile Trixie veered between telling her 'Your brain is sick, so you are sick and you make your family sick' and 'I can help you, anyone else is a fake'.

The evil being perpetrated around Kelly via destructive therapy alone, was like a heat-seeking missile. I also learned more than I ever wanted about Hicktown cottage industry and how it apparently covered its tracks. My point is that anyone can get drawn in and kept down if others are determined enough. The question remains Why? I recall Kelly's own challenge of 'So you don't believe me'.

Here is mine:

Go on, call me a liar, make my day . . .


Fake or Flake

What has Kelly gone through? If it is cult activity, how is it maintained? If it is not, how is the illusion maintained or denied in the mind of Kelly and her alters? See A SINGULAR MEAN-ING for further thoughts.

It is worth mentioning these issues, even though people may call me a flake. It makes a change from the 'fake' label that people in Kelly's life pinned on me no matter what. When people are in trouble and the chips are really down, they look for information or help. They need to work out what is good or expedient for them, and what is not.

If people do not realise there can be flakes and fakes out there, they come to trust and rely on those who are -

Not up to the task, or who have a different Agenda

People who are puzzled or desperate often search the Internet, burning the midnight oil until they find something that makes sense. We don't claim 'the Book' is the answer to people's problems, but it may help you gain confidence while you search. Look on it as a friend-in-court for when life goes crazy around you.

Direct link to Doc Matrix Cults & Groups

Doc Matrix riding a pennyfarthing

Get Good Help or None At All!


Where Do I Go for Information or Help?

People need to use their personal circumstances and discretion, their beliefs or disinclinations. Waters have become so muddied that opinion settles one way or another, for or against this approach or that, leaving people with no personal options. We have to find some!

The following are suggestions that have been made. You are free to make up your own mind. But please find out all you can on your own behalf, or for someone you know.


Articles www.reachouttrust.org/articlesRelatedIssues.php


Anti-Human Trafficking www2.salvationarmy.org.uk/uki/www_uki.nsf/vw-sublinks/025D829BF4D3A2DF8025744A003FF0B7?openDocument


Aims to pro-actively educate about the dangers of destructive cults, in order to reduce the risk of people becoming involved in abusive and totalitarian groups.










Cult Connections

Also see Book Two Price of Getting Connected

Humans live in a paradoxical state, because most of us like to feel free to make choices. There are times when we need to belong in a family or group or neighbourhood. And times when we need to be alone or cut ourselves off from some aspect of others or their behaviour. Some things that we would dearly love to do, lie behind doors closed to us for some reason or none. How nice it would be if some fairy godmother or godfather came along to sort it out for us, for now and for ever.

What might we agree to, if we were really desperate, on the streets, needing an operation, needing help for a loved one?

Some people might be cult-connected while not necessarily getting involved in cult rituals or meetings. Some aspects could be like a club: You'd probably know who is in the club, or there is a form of dress or behaviour so you can tell or guess. Other people would be clueless unless they had a reason to suspect. If you were not a Somebody or cult member with rank, or were not cult-connected, you were a Nobody like a cog in a machine or a commodity.

Or you could be any ordinary member of the public like Joe here

Don't knock it!

It beats these other guys hands down

Joe Public


Lamplight not Gaslight

Remember 'The Blue Lamp' and Dixon of Dock Green? That would be good for this particular Hicktown. What it needs is more lamplight!

blue lamplight

See Book Three for some uplifting pictures, and comments on psychic matters including psychic defence

Also see Measures & Countermeasures with more images and some prayers

Also see Reasons for this Scenario

How Some of it is Achieved

Links on Mind Invasive Technology and Gaslighting


Principles which can be used to control others can also be used to undo control

The first thing is to be aware

The reader must choose where to draw the boundary on anything

It is about choice and boundaries: Don't let other people erode them -

Or Con you into thinking they are different from what you feel is right

Thank you for listening and Good Luck!

Cult Personalities, Mind as a Garden




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Links - Use Your Judgement

A book may include only a couple of paragraphs of relevance to you, but can be well worth it. A little moral support from one other person goes a long way to change the dynamics of an individual's life. Groups are strange creatures, and can be turned around for better rather than for worse. Perhaps it needs just one person to give moral support, for someone else to feel able to speak out or to stand for or against something.

If you know someone who is dissociative, or you think they could be a survivor of cult ritual abuse, follow your instincts and offer support where you can. Things are not always what they seem but they could be. You don't need to be an expert to make a difference, but you don't have to try. Don't put yourself at risk from over-involvement.

If you are not sure, or are concerned about your own situation, whether you are a survivor of abuse, of cult ritual abuse, or think you may be involved in what other people call a cult in a broad sense, give yourself time to work out what is important. Find out what you can. Get support if you can. One organisation or person may be able to help over one small aspect that makes a big difference, even if it is just by being there.

We are not listing book references, but a search on Amazon or Google will help you to find what you are looking for.

You may like to check out the following

Make up your own mind on what you think, or find most relevant

Youtube Series - Pseudoscience in Psychotherapy Hurts People

Introduction - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8A14E0J47Q&feature=related









Justice for Carol




Dramatis Personae - an indexed history of child protection & family justice



Youtube Channel Cynthialysis


If we use labels to describe people, they should be helpful for those people, rather than counter-productive. People should be free to make up their mind, and to CHANGE their mind - It is theirs! The fact that experts are so varied in their views means the rest of us are free to Pick-and-Mix what we know suits us best, and to reject what does not feel right. Do some therapists seem like cult-leaders, strongly motivated by a belief system?


Website: http://cultwise.blogspot.com


Groups, Cults, Indoctrination, Exiting


unseen influences

Direct link to Doc Matrix Cults & Groups

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Get Good Help or None At All!

Seeking Help for Yourself or for Someone Else

chess with no board

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Problems in Context on Facebook


A psycho-social approach


Middlegroundable Channel on Youtube

Middlegroundable on Youtube

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