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 Doc rides a penny farthing cycle

'Doc Matrix' says -

People have a need to be A PART of what is going on around them, other People and so on

And to keep themselves APART too

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Whether they are Young or Older,
People sometimes have some Problems

A Trubble shared should be a Trubble halved
And not be a Trubble Doubled!

ALL people have Problems SOME of the time

Problems are not all Your Fault!

Sometimes People INVOLVE US in things that are HARD to get out of when we CHANGE our Minds - or simply have DIFFERENT Needs

If you feel pressured by Friends or Workmates there's something
to show that NOT ALL Problems are down to YOU

'Doc' explains how what we BELIEVE
or Who we TRUST - can affect our Behaviour

'If I THINK that's a Dinosaur flying by, I'll probably BEHAVE as though it is'

dino flying by


Can I persuade YOU there's one? Can someone convince ME there is?

Set the Scene right and I'm likely to BELIEVE - well, ANYthing


DISSING has become a part of life, whether that means discounting someone, disrespecting, discrediting, disregarding, dismissing; or being rude or unsupportive It is a way of Scapegoating. You know the saying 'You are either for us or against us'? Groups often exclude someone - anyone - to suit the majority, as if they feel better to leave someone out in the cold.

What happens in Dissing?

People who diss, single someone out to be attacked or cut off, disregarded. discounted, dismissed. A fairly new word for an age-old phenomenon. It's horrid and stressful being the butt end of people's bad feelings. And it divides people up up For or Against - or whatever the rules of the particular Game are. People don't think or behave rationally or kindly, for fear of what could happen to them if they go against the group, or simply if they support you.

It happens fast! Try to stick it out and bide your time. Often the group's attention turns to someone else.
See what you can manage without that group.

'Doc' talks about Groups and Cults, how Easy it can be to get drawn into things,
and how Hard it is to get away from the Pressures - even IF one is Free to

This has implications for types of therapy, counselling and other help
People may compare some therapists (or it could be anyone) with cult-like behaviour:
Ideas on therapy can be intense, and emotions around any situation often run high

You are free to decide what You need, and whether you think something could be harmful - or just not suitable

You can Make Your Own Theories! You Don't Have to accept Other People's
Watch Video 'If Your Face Doesn't Fit'

ONE Person can be almost like a Cult just by themselves

A whole GROUP can easily set up a Scene for YOU to walk into - Watch 'The Real Hustle'
There may be a hidden agenda, camouflage or trick, to abuse your desire to help, or just to feel accepted

There can be Double-standards or Double-binds: LOOK at what's really being expected of you

IF someone approaches you when you are VULNERABLE
IF they offer TOO MUCH friendship 'out of the Blue'

IF there is A RUSH about it, 'Doc' says just Be Careful

Take your Time and Don't feel Pressured
Step Back if You Need - Important Decisions should WAIT!

'Doc Matrix' has Questions about the help people get when they seek someone to help them - or use the Form


spider web

Don't get drawn into someone else's Web !


If you have tales which are relevant or funny even, let Doc know by email making it clear whether they are confidential or you think they could help others

Let Doc know of any good links or somewhere offering constructive or creative Help


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'Doc's' Videos are on YouTube channel theCojent

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