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Conflicts with other people, or feeling
alienated can apply to ANY situation, home, work, college, friends

But it is not easy to comply with a friend, relative, partner or group on Everything.




Dissing has become a part of life, whether that means discounting someone, disrespecting, discrediting, disregarding, dismissing; or being rude or unsupportive - More on this HERE


Doc explains about Beliefs or Myths we may use to help us understand and get through things.



Some relevant organisations and ideas to help you get started - Scroll down further for Books and Videos

Doc apologises to people who can't watch Videos but a short summary follows of some ideas around the theme of Abuse: You can follow up Links, plus see what the Books deal with Safety Tips and Books follow the Videos

You may have heard of the 'Stop Child Abuse' March & Rally held in London most years, the NSPCC 'Full Stop' campaign, and ChildLine. We may not be able to stop all abuse NOW but we can improve things - a lot! Children are more vulnerable because of their situation, where others may think there's an option to take advantage of them. Maybe there is nothing to stop them, so they feel they 'can'.

It can happen to anyone who is weaker, or outnumbered by a group. We live in an era of bullying and happy-slapping: videoing some set-up or attack.

What has this to do with abuses in psychotherapy, or any helping situation?

The person going for help is vulnerable; things are going wrong. If they have already been abused, they may feel it was somehow their fault, so this is 'more of the same'. They may not realise they are being taken advantage of where someone else has power to decide on procedures - and also to break any real or assumed rules. Sometimes there is sexual transgression, but it is also very abusive and upsetting when people's personal boundaries are violated.

It is complicated - professionals and helpers work differently and have different personalities, as do their clients. A client may feel he or she is getting a raw deal because of how bad they feel, or some misunderstanding.

But abuse of various kinds can and does happen in some settings where people go for help or advice. It takes a while for a client to realise that something isn't right - or is terribly wrong. They may try speaking out directly and get rebuffed, or else other people they approach don't really see what they mean.

Elsewhere 'Doc' argues that if we don't know our basic rights, the more easily they get eroded - by others who DO know, or who over-ride them anyway! (See Video at the bottom of this page 'Rights & Liberties' or check out CAB and LIBERTY organisations)

There are places that put out information, and some have a Helpline or offer Advocacy. Here is a sample, and some Books follow:

Also see:

Respond, VoiceUK

Ann Craft Trust, MIND

Victim Support, Samaritans

NAPAC, Women's Aid

Bully Online, Childline

The following can be found on the Links Page at PCCS Books where you can find fuller information



British National Formulary
Online version of the compendium of prescription drug information.
Nigel Turner Hyperguide to Mental Health Act
Catherine Clarke's Pre-Therapy site


Soteria Network new website
The UK network is an organisation inspired by the work of the late Loren Mosher: Alternatives to the current models used in psychiatric services
The Critical Psychiatry Network Resource for those wanting to criticise the psychiatric system/biological psychiatry
The Social Perspectives Network Open to anyone interested in looking at mental distress in terms of people's social experience American site
David Smail 'Social Power and Psychological Distress'
Hearing Voices Network
MIND Works to create a better life for everyone with experience of mental distress
MAD PRIDE committed to ending discrimination against psychiatric patients
SANE Organised for and on behalf of users. Initially for schizophrenia, SANE is now concerned with all mental illnesses
Information, bulletin board etc for users, psychologists, counsellors
NHS Dept of Psychological Therapies, Shropshire
Critical Psychology and Psychiatry page which includes links to articles

Thomas Szasz 'Cybercenter for Liberty and Responsibility'


You really can Pick-Your-Own Personality Parts or Roles rather than have someone else project their needs or Labelling onto you – hoping that you will comply!


People have a need to be A PART
of what is going on around them,
other People and so on,
and to keep themselves A-PART too


Visit Survivorway channel on YouTube for Videos for people in difficulty

Favourites are mainly Videos from
UK helping organisations

Playlist of Survivor-related Videos

'Doc' apologises to those who can't watch Videos - the following may be of interest if you can

Video Links direct to Youtube are:
Childline Online; NAPAC;
Women's Aid

Website Links are: Childline
NAPAC; Women's Aid



On another Page here Doc talks about Groups and Cults, how easy it can be to get drawn into something, and how hard it can be to get away from the pressures or the environment itself - even IF one is FREE to

This can have implications for certain types of therapy, counselling and help

You can follow up on this theme, or it may not feel relevant to you in this context

People may compare engaging with some therapists, with cult-like behaviour or a cult leader. Ideas on therapy can be intense, and emotions around the situation are probably running high

You are free to decide what YOU want or need, and whether you think something could be harmful to you or just not suitable

You can Make Your Own Theories!
You Don't Have to accept Other People's

Watch Video 'If Your Face Doesn't Fit'

BOOKS on Abusive Help

'Broken Boundaries, Stories of betrayal in relationships of Care' by Sarah Richardson, Melanie Cunningham et al.

'Shouldn't I be Feeling Better by Now?' ed. Yvonne Bates

'Fish in a Barrel' by Grace Towers

'Sexual Abuse by Health Professionals' by P. Susan Penfold

'Out of Bounds: Sexual Exploitation in Counselling and Therapy' by Dr Janice Russell

'Patients as Victims: Sexual Abuse in Psychotherapy and Counselling' by Derek Jehu

'Breach of Trust: Sexual Exploitation by Health Care Professionals and Clergy' ed. John C. Gonsiorek

'Falling for Therapy: Psychotherapy from a Client's Point of View' by Anna Sands

'Boundaries and Boundary Violations in Psychoanalysis' by Gen O. Gabbard, Eva P. Lester



Disability Agencies providing information

Leonard Cheshire Disability Creature DIS-Comforts based on the Aardman animations are at changing how people think

MIND Information, help and advocacy to users and professionals including training, books, magazine. Has many regional offices.

OLDER PEOPLE - & Anyone facing problems associated with ageing - being a Carer, bereavement, ill-health, reduced income:

RE-THINK - Information for those coping with mental illness, and for those caring for someone


TIME TO CHANGE - Challenging discrimination in Mental Health: - Check their website for local events & information


'Citizens Advice Handbook: Practical Independent Advice' Penguin paperback

'Your Rights: the Liberty Guide to Human Rights' by Megan Addis & Penelope Morrow

'The Handbook of Human Rights Law: An accessible approach to the issues & principles' Michael Arnheim

'Human Rights in the UK: An Introduction to The Human Rights Act 1998' by D.Hoffman & J.Rowe QC

'No Smoke: the Shocking Truth about British Justice' by Sandra Lean

'Legal Blunders' by Geoff Tibballs

'Rethinking Miscarriages of Justice: Beyond the Tip of the Iceberg'  book by Dr Michael Naughton or watch him talk online

'The Algebra of Justice' for comments on some wellknown UK cases

More Books and Websites are listed at TANSAL Human Rights Page

It's important to REALLY

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Anywhere that we go for help or advice should clearly not make for a worse situation. Doc has prepared some Outline Questions you can use as a basis - or just make up your own

You can look on the Internet along the lines of ‘therapy culture’, ‘talking cure’, or ‘psychotherapy concern’, and work out where any of it may fit for you

If you do seek Help it should be the
right kind for YOU!

You are not alone, or the only person things have happened to

You can find some information, help or support,
because there are good people 'out there'

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UK End Child Abuse March & Rally