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Whether they are Young or Older,
People sometimes have some Problems

A Trubble shared should be a Trubble halved, And not be a Trubble Doubled!

ALL people have Problems
SOME of the time
SOME people have Problems
ALL of the time

Everything goes into my Magic Hat
Where it will be SAFE


Magician's Hat & Rabbit



On another Page here Doc talks about Groups and Cults, how easy it can be to get drawn into something, and how hard it can be to get away from the pressures or the environment itself - even IF one is FREE to


Doc explains about Beliefs or Myths we may use to help us understand and get through things

After all, no-one has ALL the Answers do they!



You can Make Your Own Theories!

You Don't Have to accept Other People's

Watch Video 'If Your Face Doesn't Fit'




You really can Pick-Your-Own Personality
Parts or Roles
rather than have someone else project their needs or Labelling onto you
– hoping that you will comply!


If you do seek Help it should be the right kind - for YOU!


Anywhere that we go for help or advice should clearly not make for a worse situation. Doc has prepared some Questions as a basis (or just make up your own) and a BOOKList - scroll down the Page

See Doc's 'Let's Reduce Abuse' with more Videos, Books and Links. There is plenty of good Therapy and other help available, but things can go wrong in the situation: People may blame themselves for that, especially if they have already been through bad experiences.


Doc's Outline Questions on Help

Could you have got through without help?

Do you wish you had not sought help? Why?

What might you have done differently?

What do you think was helpful?

What do you think was unhelpful or unconstructive?

What do you feel could be construed as obstructive or abusive?

Do you feel there was anything at all manipulative about it?
This could be in the form of some special expertise, perhaps an overbearing manner, or even someone being quite charming

Was there an attempt to make the philosophy very attractive?
Or very 'necessary' !


Doc's Further Questions on Help

Did you ask anyone for some help?
Did you wish you could ask someone for help?

Did you try for help via the National Health Service?
Did you seek help privately?

Did you see a psychologist or someone who used Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – CBT?

Did you seek some kind of spiritual or pastoral help?
For instance through religion, or what some people think of as a cult-like organisation?

Was it some form of alternative medicine or wholistic approach?
Did you consult a form of psychic practitioner?

Did you go for hypnosis or hypnotherapy?
Was it what is loosely termed NLP or neuro linguistic programming?

If you sought help was it helpful to you?
Were there things that were not helpful?

Did you find it easier to talk to friends, colleagues, neighbours, family? Was it easier to talk to a stranger or casual acquaintance?

Did you receive help from voluntary workers?
Did you try telephone or textlines, email or the Internet?

With hindsight, what would you rather have done?
What would you advise someone else to do with a problem?

Do you feel you have ever been influenced by another person or by a group, so that you behaved or thought differently from usual? How do you think this happens?

Do you sometimes behave very differently anyway according to circumstances, or how you are feeling?

What other questions do you think might be useful?

You can look on the Internet along the lines of ‘therapy culture’, ‘talking cure’, or ‘psychotherapy concern’, and work out where any of it may fit

People have a need to be A PART of what is going on around them, other People and so on, and to keep themselves APART too


It's important to REALLY

spider web




Guidelines for Seeking Help & Self-Help at TANSAL ABUSE LINKS

Human Rights including Mental Health & Discrimination are on this Site HERE

Doc's Notes on Personal Safety


It's important to get GOOD HELP or none-at-all
Some of the following may help to explain why

'Selfwatching: Addictions, Habits, Compulsions: what to do about them' by Ray Hodgson & Peter Miller

Dorothy Rowe's books on many subjects to do with human emotions and relationships (some available cheaply secondhand at or you can see them in book stores)

'Madness Explained: Psychosis and Human Nature'
by Richard P. Bentall & Aaron T. Beck
'Manufacturing Victims: What the Psychology Industry
is doing to People' by Tana Dineen
'House of Cards: Psychology and Psychotherapy Built on Myth'
by Robyn M. Dawes
'Therapy Culture' by Frank Furedi
'The Myth of the Chemical Cure' by Joanna Moncrieff
'Games Analysts Play' by Martin Shepard & Marjorie Lee
'The Myth of Mental Illness' by Thomas S. Szasz

Talking Cure - useful information & links at: (site of Dr Douglas McFadzean & associates)

See Doc's 'Let's Reduce Abuse' with more Videos, Books and Links. There is plenty of good Therapy and other help available, but things can go wrong in the situation:

People may blame themselves for that, especially if they have already been through bad experiences.

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If you have tales which are relevant or funny even, let Doc know by email, making it clear whether they are Confidential or you think they could help others

Let Doc know if you find any good Links, or somewhere offering constructive or creative Help

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