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Conflicts with other people, or feeling alienated can apply to ANY situation, home, work, college, friends

But it is not easy to comply with a friend, relative, partner or group on Everything.



Dissing has become a part of life, whether that means discounting someone, disrespecting, discrediting, disregarding, dismissing; or being rude or unsupportive - More on this HERE


On another Page here Doc talks aboutGroups and Cults, how easy it can be to get drawn into something, and how hard it can be to get away from the pressures or the environment itself - even IF one is FREE to

See Doc's 'Let's Reduce Abuse' with more Videos, Books and Links. There is plenty of good Therapy and other help available, but things can go wrong in the situation:

People may blame themselves for that, if they have already been through bad experiences.

MISSING from HOME or Runaways
Home Problems : Bullying : Pressures : Disabilities

LINKS for Help or Information
These Websites are selected for their understanding of problems people can face, including Relationships and facing Homelessness

BBC Website for Contacts for Help
and how to ‘Unwind Your Mind’

See Myth Buster section explaining some common Mental Health ‘myths’ or misunderstandings that have grown up

See Moodscape to create an online Animation reflecting your own mood – called Moodling

See the ‘Missing Live’ TV section where people describe why they went missing or ran away

Action for Children
See their Website for the text and relevant information on their animated TV advertisements, and how they help families to get through difficult periods -

ChildLine Freefone 0800 1111
Information on Homelessness.
Also see Stepfamilies, Domestic Violence, Family Relationships, Arguments, Abuse, Pregnancy, Running away from Care, Stress & Bereavement. Lines may be busy so keep trying.

Missing People Charity Offers free text service for young Runaways – Text to 80234
Freefone 24-hour Helpline 0808 800 70 70 You can Email too – see their Website at
Links page at
Sitemap summary of services at
24-hour confidential Freefone Service 0500 700 700

Useful Government website for Missing People & their Families:

Includes a Disabled People Section - independence at home,
caring for someone, etc. More on this in the next panel BELOW



You really can Pick-Your-Own Personality Parts or Roles rather than have someone else project their needs or Labelling onto you – hoping that you will comply!

People have a need to be A PART of what is going on around them, other People and so on, and to keep themselves APART too

Disabilities, Bullying & other Pressures

Agencies providing a good range of support & information
about Disability are listed at Supportline
(new Helpline number is 01708 765200)

Visit Leonard Cheshire Disability Creature DIS-Comforts Website based on the Aardman animations of Creature Comforts characters at
changing the way people think and talk about Disabilities

Bully Online

Domestic Violence, Stalking, Bullying

It's important to REALLY

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Self-Help & Useful Information

Breathing Space (Your Problems, Self-help Toolkit, Worried About Someone), & More -

Living Life to the Full free online CBT/life-skills modules at

Horses Mouth online peer mentoring at

Also see TANSAL Seeking Help/Self-Help

Pressures from Outside & Within

Doc's BookList on Seeking Help


NEW on this SITE
Human Rights, Miscarriages of Justice,
Mental Health & Discrimination
Doc's Notes on Personal Safety
Let's Reduce Abuse

You can Make Your Own Theories!
You Don't Have to accept Other People's:
Watch Video 'If Your Face Doesn't Fit'

Problems are not ALL Your Fault!

Anywhere that we go for help or advice should clearly not make for a worse situation. Doc has prepared some Outline Questions you can use as a basis - or just make up your own

You can look on the Internet along the lines of ‘therapy culture’, ‘talking cure’, or ‘psychotherapy concern’, and work out where any of it may fit for you

If you do seek Help it should be the right kind - for YOU!

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Doc Matrix 'Trubbles' Animated Flash Site (Flash Player 8 or above) is at


If you have tales which are relevant or funny even, let Doc know by email, making it clear whether they are Confidential or you think they could help others

Let Doc know if you find any good Links, or somewhere offering constructive or creative Help

Joe flinches

'Doc Matrix' has Outline Questions about the help people get when they look for someone to help them - or use the Form

UK End Child Abuse March & Rally

National Stalking Helpline Launched

The National Stalking Helpline will start operating from Thursday 29th April 2010. It will offer information, advice and guidance for anyone affected by stalking and harassment via a telephone line (0300 636 0300) email service and website The helpline will be open Weekdays 9:30 to 16:00, except Wednesdays when it will be open 13:00 to 16:00. The Helpline will not be open on bank holidays. Calls cost the Standard National Rate.

  • Practical advice including personal safety, how to collect or preserve evidence, and what to do about different stalking behaviours e.g. silent phone calls or malicious letters.
  • It will also provide advice about the two different legal routes that can be taken i.e. civil or via the police.
  • It offers information about how to report stalking to the police, what to expect when you report an incident and what to take with you.

LINKS page at

Safety tips for being in contact both on and off-line

Network for Surviving Stalking

Crimestoppers Personal Safety

Suzy Lamplugh Trust - Personal Safety Tips

Lucie Blackman Trust
Also see Safety Text scheme
& Smart Call scheme

The Field Foundation site with Bullying information & Links

TANSAL Abuse Links for Stalking, Coercive Relationships, Domestic Violence at

Safety Books

'' - How death can be only a click away, by Christopher Berry-Dee & Steven Morris;
'Stalkers - True-life stories of harassment, jealousy & obsession' by Polly Clarkson;

'Anyone You Want Me To Be - A true story of sex & death on the Internet' by John Douglas & Steven Singular;
'I'll Be Watching You - True stories of stalkers & their victims' by Richard Gallagher;

'Erased - Missing women, murdered wives' by Marilee Strong;
'Without Conscience - The world of psychopaths among us' by Robert D Hare;

'The Sociopath Next Door' by Martha Stout
'Women, Men & Rape' by Ray Wyre & Anthony Swift